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1935 Morris Eight

Here is my 1935 Pre-series Morris Eight two door  saloon. It was rebuilt from a set of rusty parts  which contained nearly all of the original  components apart from the petrol pump. The restoration took nearly two years and was finished  in 1991. Since then it has been to a number of  Morris Register National rallies and on the last two Mannekin Pis events.


1934 Morris Minor

This is my 1934 Morris Minor tourer which  I bought in 1991 in need of only paint and  trim. It was back on the road in 1996 and  has been on the last three Morris Register  London to Brighton runs. It has an  extensive competition history and covered  nearly 80,000 miles before the war on  trials. With two other Minors it won  several team  awards in the mid-thirties.


1934 Morris Ten-four

This project was bought in 1998 and I intended to have it on the road in 2000. It was used by Oxford undergraduates in the sixties and is in original condition including the interior which I had hoped to retain. Five years ago it was repainted by hand and I am currently removing this paint to expose the original cellulose. Unfortunately some of the panels had been taken down to the bare metal so a complete respray was inevitable. This can is now on the road (September 2001) and the restoration can be found by following the link on the picture.

1934 Morris Minor saloon

This car was last on the road in 1963 which is when the picture was taken. It was dismantled that year and has spent the last 38 years in various attics. This means that it is in the condition that it would have been 38 years ago. The pictures on the link page (click on picture) show it in the attics and as a pile of small pieces when I brought it home. It is the most challenging of projects as the wooden frame for the body is a bundles of sticks. The originality of the kit is unusual as the engine is the original and all of the interior trim has survived including the carpets although they are threadbare.