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Have you ever wondered what happened to a car you had in the past or whether the Morris that your parent's owned is still in existance. This page offers the opportunity to find out.

The cars are arranged in alphabetical order of their UK registrations. If they have been re-registered the original registration number is used.

Contact details and pictures may be included although contacts may be made directly or through the webmaster. Some of the pictures will take some time to download so please be patient.

Contact webmaster for further details or to include your request.


BG 567 1932 Morris Major, battleship grey in colour with black mudguards and blue leather upholstery, owned from new by contact's father. Carmeyne

BRL 760 my grandfather's Morris 8 Mike Furse

CBP 377 Morris Eight 2 seater Webmaster

CRL 232 my Morris Eight 4-seat tourer Mike Furse

KJ 9047 Information on Morris Major Geoff Silk

EMU 559 a Morris 8 tourerowned by my father circa late 1950's early 1960's.
Roger Clissold


AYF 395 webmaster's 1934 Minor 2 seater unknown history from 1940-1977 Webmaster

MD 2058 1931 Minor saloon, now in Denmark Gitte