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The complete range of Morris cars is complex as often similar names were used ro refer to different models. For example the Oxford is shown at various times with h.p. ratings from 14 to 25. This list has been arranged in both h.p. order and date to try to distinguish between the models.

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Tentyfive series II & III Oxford Six 1930 - 35 Ten series III Ten four Series II Oxford Silent Six 1920-25 Tentyfive series II & III Twentyone 1935-36 Oxford Twenty 1935 Oxford Twentyfive 1933-35 Eighteen Six Sereies II 1936-37 Isis Six 1931-35 Six 1928-29 Sixteen Six Series II 1936 Oxford Six 1933-35 Empire Oxford 1926-29 Fifteen Six 1934-37 Fourteen Six Series III 1937-39 Major Six 1931033 Oxford 1923-26 Oxford Series MO Twelve series III 1937-39 Twelve Series II 1936-37 Ten Six 1934 Cowley 1932 Cowley 1926-31 Cowley and Oxford  1920-25 Cowley 1915 - 19 Ten Series M Pre-sereis Ten four 1933-35 Minor 1929 - 1934 ohc and sv Oxford 1913-1915 Post-war Minor series MM Post-war Minor series II Eight pre-series, series I & II Eight series E 1913-1915 Oxford