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Article about the rebuild of a 1933 Ten four saloon
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NOW .... Peter Carver (left) with the Morris and Mr and Mrs Calver.

GUARANTEES are usually given by a car seller to the buyer, but a deal made seven years ago in Lowestoft was the other way round. When Mr Peter Carver, of Yarmouth Road, Lowestoft, persuaded Mrs Lorna Calver to part with her derelict 1933 Morris Ten Four, he made her a promise. "fie told me: 'I promise that if you let me have it you will be the first to ride in it.' "And he kept his promise, and 1 really do admire him," said Mrs. Calver who lives with her retired builder husband Harold at Beceles Road, Cariton Colville. The car was bought for Mrs Calver in 1938 by her father, the late Mr George Flegg. She used it to drive him around after he suffered a heart attack. Her husband took it over after his return from war service. And he used it to tow a trailer carrying building materials. But 22 years ago a new truck made the Morris redundant and it was parked, unused, in a garage. And that is where it stayed until Mr Carver found out about it. He bought, it, and for sever- years, with his wife Sylvia doing the upholstery, he has worked on it in his spare time. Mr Carver, a director of metal fabricators Metal Maytes, Mariners Score, s aid: "We stripped it down to the last nut and bolt. And then we built it up again." The Carvers worked on it in bursts during the seven years, but when they heard that Mrs and Mr's Calver would soon be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary they put on a special effort. On June 6 the car was ready for its first run and, as promised, the Calvers were the first passengers on their wedding anniversary. "When it turned up it looked as if it had never been out of the drive," said Mrs Calver fondly. "it's really marvellous to see that car on the road again." Next year the proud owners plan to enter the car into rallies. And with all the work that has gone into restoring it they deserve to win a few.

THEN. . . . Mrs Calver's father with the Morris.