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Newspaper article on the history and restoration of a 1933 Ten-four saloon that was originally purchased new as a company car. It is unusual in that the original picture shows the car, as supplied, without bumpers which were an optional extra.

Autocar article on two s.v.Minors which were used for trials before the war. There are other pictures of the 1934 Minor AYF395 but I would like more pictures and information on this car and its first owner Jack Bond who traded as Vintage Autos in the 50s and died recently.

One of a number of Morris Motors service sheets which attempted to solve the problem of squealing brakes. Although the Eight uses the same system as the '34 Minor it does not suffer from this problem. Does anyone have a way of solving it; I have seen large jubilee clips around the outside of the drum - does this help?

Churchill mystery solved

Churchil at the end of the war. This looks like a pre-war Series 2 or 3 tourer but these were not officially made by the factory.

I had assumed that it was a Morris but it is probably a Wolseley 25 which was made as a tourer see picture at bottom of page.

Next question.

Were the over-riders


I thought they were a fifties accessory