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This site is being redeveloped as a lot of the content on pre-war cars has been transferred to the International Alliance of Morris Owners club website.

Technical support and information on all of the Morris Motors products is now available from the new Morris Motors wiki

A wiki allows users to add or modify the content of its pages so this will serve as both a forum and a reference for the items under discussion. It will also form the index for an extensive technical library as well as brochures and artciles about Morris vehicles.

The pages for these cars will remain unchanged until the changeover is complete. This site will continue to support pre-war cars but will be extended to cover the vehicles up to 1983

The Archives section will contain the complete range of Morris cars with technical details and pictures. The picture gallery (mainly Minors and Eights) has moved to the archives - click on the image on the page for these models.


New pages

Have you ever wondered what happened to a Morris in your life? The Lost and Found area contains period pictures of cars that may still be in existance or recent pictures that the current owner's wish to contact previous owners.

Coming later

Extension of the models in Archives to include all post-war cars


This picture below can be downloaded as desktop wallpaper.

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Click on the picture to find out the artist and more of his works.

Thank all of you who have sent comments on the site and I will continue to try to provide a site that is valued by all enthusiasts, whether they have a Morris or not.

Please send an e-mail with your requirements or further ideas.